Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we need you to register for any one of our classes. This helps us to maintain are male/female ratio as close to
50/50 as we can get it. We do accept drop-ins however please note that it’s based on space availability.

If you are unsure, you are welcome to observe classes (at no charge) prior to taking them. If it is your first time at
the studio, we recommend taking a level that is lower for the following reasons; you may be unfamiliar with our
teaching style, classes may be harder than what you are accustomed to and you might want to acclimate yourself
to new surroundings. If you haven’t danced in many years, you’ll want to reintroduce your body and muscles slowly.
Remember, if you’ve chosen a class that is not best for you, we will happily switch you to another class.

The cost of group classes for a 7 week course is $95 (GST included), if you register as a couple the cost is $170 per
couple (GST included). * Please note that the definition of a couple is gender independant, however it must consist of
one leader and one follower. Packages of multiple group courses or private lessons can also be purchased at
discounted rates. Please see our Pricing & Packages section.

You do not need a partner and we get just as many singles as couples registered. Before the course commences we
take registrations for the purpose of trying to match the ratio of ladies-to-gentleman.

Our classes are for teens and adults only and at present we don’t offer kids programs. The sessions run from
September through June. If you are unavailable for this program, our Summer Workshops are an easy introduction
to Latin dance in one day.


There is no dress code, so dress comfortably. Jeans or dressy pants and T-shirts for men. For ladies skirts,
dresses or stretchy pants are perfect.

Comfortable Shoes

Shoes are important because your feet will feel the impact of the workout, and the last thing you need are pinching
shoes. They should have a leather or suede bottom, which is how most proper ballroom & latin dancing shoes are
constructed. Rubber soled shoes are not ideal for dancing due to too much traction. Ladies often wear high-heeled
sandals from one-and-a-half to three inches. Ideally, women’s shoes should have a soft sole and fit securely so that
you won’t have to worry about them falling off.

Be careful of the very high heels. If you can’t walk properly in them, then you probably will have trouble dancing
in them also. It is better to start out with a smaller heel and work your way up.

Where can you get good dance shoes?

Click here to visit DSOL’s online store or contact David at: or call 403-710-5364 for
more info.

The music we dance to is written in 2 four beat measures (4/4 time) and we dance in a pattern of six steps
danced over eight beats of the music. A “break step” is the step that you change the direction of your momentum.
When your break step falls on the second and sixth beat of the music, then you are dancing “On 2”. We use the
wording “On 2” when describing the New York style of Salsa, and we teach that style exclusively.

Studio Address:

Ballroom & Country Dance Studio
121 – 17th Avenue NE Calgary, AB. ( Just off of Centre Street North )

There is lots of onstreet parking all around the area.