Class Descriptions

Salsa Level 1

This class is for the absolute beginner, with no previous Latin dance experience! You will learn the basic movements of Latin Dance and the fundamentals of Salsa to get you out onto the dance floor. This includes basic steps, basic turns, and movement around the floor. The class will involve dancing in partnership and individual dancing as well. No previous dance experience is required.

Salsa Level 2

This class is a stepping stone between a beginner and intermediate dancer. Once you start this program you will be hooked! You will deepen your understanding of: Lead & Follow techniques, Rhythm & Timing, and the Music which will help you lay the groundwork for a lifetime of dance enjoyment! You can also expect some different concepts that will help take your dancing to another level: Pachanga, Boogaloo, Son, & Cha Cha Cha.

Ladies Styling / Lucy’s Angels

Designed not just for Ladies! Styling classes are all about how to look natural and effortless with your styling choices on the dance floor, without affecting the lead of your partner. Don’t know what to do with your arms while turning? Unsure about when and how to sway your hips, comb/toss your hair? Are you lost when your partner breaks away to do footwork during a dance? Messy footwork? Unsure what it means to use the floor? Come and get your questions answered in this class. Lucy will cover moves from beginner to advanced, focusing on using elevating your simple movements to add a touch of elegance and playfulness.
In addition to the regular classes, we are also offering Lucy’s Angels Ladies Styling team, a natural progression should you choose to advance your styling and try out performances. If you wish to explore all areas of Ladies styling and technique this is the program for you! The team is directed & choreographed by Lucy Pei. Visit the Dance Team page for more information.

Bachata ‘Sensual Style’ Fundamentals Level 1

In this class series we will explore an aspect of Modern Bachata …..specifically ‘Bachata Sensual’. The course focuses on fundamental lead and following techniques. For the leads, what are the lead points on the body that are utilized in this style and how do we apply those leads. For the follows, how to recognize the indications given, and then properly move your body given those leads. Level 1 class covers all the basic building blocks to start dancing this style of Bachata.

Bachata ‘Sensual Style’ Fundamentals Level 2

In this class series we will build on the Level 1 ‘Sensual’ concepts to introduce more intricate movements and Sensual Style turn patterns.

Brazilian Samba Fundamentals – All Levels

Calling all Sambistas! Step into the culturally rich world of Afro-Brazilian movement. Our Samba Fundamentals class is open to anyone and everyone, especially those new to samba or new to dance. If you have some experience, come to sharpen your skills! Taylor will focus on foundational Samba movements, drills, lots of cardio (prepare to sweat), and short movement combinations with historical and cultural references weaved throughout. We invite you to dive in and experience the spirit, freedom, and empowerment these sacred African diasporic movements bring. If you are ready to transform your connection with Brazilian dance & music to new depths, this community is for you.

Performance Program – Student Dance Teams

* Note: Please email or call 403-710-5364 for more information on joining this program.
The objective of this program is to give students the opportunity to continue learning new turn
patterns, footwork, and styling while at the same time taking their dancing to the next level through
training a choreographed routine. Along with all the benefits of a regular group class you will
get exposure to concepts not usually offered in similar classes of this level. The training will
be carried out in low pressure, fun environment. You will come away with improved skills, turn
patterns , footwork, and styling to apply to your social dancing! Having taken level 3 or 4 Salsa
is NOT a prerequisite for this class; nor is having previous N.Y. Style “On 2” Salsa experience.
To get started on the “Tumbao”, “Saoco”, “Lucy’s Angels”, or Bachata teams please contact David for more